Top 10 Sodas From Around the World

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10. Pee Cola from Ghana -

At first we thought it was just an internet joke, but we found two seemingly legitimate sources that back it up.


Drink Pee Cola.

via Cola Couronne facebook.
9. Cola Couronne from Haiti -

One of the most popular soda brands in Haiti, Couronne is based in Port au Prince. The company was founded in 1924, and is a bottling partner with Coca Cola, who has been selling on the island since 1927.

What happened to Couronne in the earthquake?

According to Coca Cola in a January 14th report, "The bottling plant received limited structural damage."

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8. Pink Ting Soda from Jamaica -

Gotta love the name on this one. Pink Ting is a spinoff of Ting, a sweet and tart soda made with real Jamaican grapefruit available throughout the Caribbean.

It's popular straight or mixed with liquor.

If we had a bar we'd serve a Fresh Pink Ting with vodka.

via peternguyen76 on Webshots.
7. Inca Kola from Peru -

The national soda of Peru is Inca Kola, a drink invented in 1935 to celebrate the country's 400th year since founding. It was invented by the English couple Jose R Lindley and his wife Martha after they adopted the country as their new homeland.

Coca Cola bought half the company after they couldn't overtake it in the market place.

via Recury on Wikimedia Commons
6. Materva Yerba Mate Soda from Miami -

The formula for this soda was bought by the Cawy Bottling Company, a corporation formed by Cuban soda magnates who moved to Miami in the early 60's after their plants were seized in the Cuban revolution.

The drink was originally formulated by a former competitor back on the island. It is based on the yerba mate herb that is grown in Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil, and Argentina, but is a sweet recipe that differs from the traditional preparation in those countries.

It has reputed health and sexual benefits.

In 2002 we named it Miami's Best Local Soda.

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