Top 10 Weird Donuts From Our Global Donut Tour

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Donuts, donuts, they're the best
Give me pain inside my chest
Hope to donuts I don't die
From their skin: fresh, hot, and fried

Here are our Top Ten Weirdest Donuts from Around The World.

10. The Cock-n-Balls from Voodoo Doughnut in Portland Oregon

"I said suck it don't bite it. I mean bite it, don't suck it. I mean...." Whatever you decide to do with it, it's "tripple cream filled," so it should be enough for you and a few friends.

Hey, wasup with using the little white one for comparison.

9. Dr Pepper Flavor Donuts from your supermarket?

"Doctor, doctor, help, normal junk food just isn't good enough anymore."

"Maam, let's get you started on aggressive donut therapy. Start with soda flavors. Roll over when your flesh starts to ripple."

via this is why you're fat
8. Donut Fries with Cream and Jelly Dipping Sauce from Psycho Donuts in California

How do you make eating french fries exciting and new? Turn a jelly doughnut inside out, cut into strips and call it something else.

via Katoisi wikimedia
7. Bean Jam Doughnut from Katori City, Japan

This one is probably only< strange from an American standpoint. Probably in Japan "bean jam" is perfectly normal.

via User:Hdamm
6. Khanom Krok from Thailand

These are Thai donuts with an egg and coconut filling. Eggs and motherfuckin coconuts.



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