Top 10 Super Bowl Appetizer Recipes: Bacon Edition

Super Bowl time is here again, and that means parties, food, and beer, preferably at a friend's house where they have a big screen, someone else cooking, and endless beer. Most people are not that lucky, though, so we're hooking you up with our Top 10 Super Bowl Appetizer Recipes: Bacon Edition. Click each title for the full recipe. Enjoy!

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Get brunk
10. Bacon Vodka - Get drunk off liquor and pigskin and then watch the game of pigskin till the room spins.

Throw a crisp slice of bacon into your Super Bowl martini, kick up the leg rest on your easy chair, sit back, and enjoy the game.

It's 2010. Eat your drink.

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Bacon Weave
9. Cheesy Bacon Weave - Any recipe that starts with "weave bacon" and then proceeds with rollafied, cheesified, and crispified is certified.

If a close game doesn't stop your heart from pumping, this will.

Tums on deck.

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Roll out.
8. The Original Bacon Explosion BBQ Sausage Roll - Have you had a heart attack lately?

Is your girlfriend's first name Angie, last name Plasty?

Are you comfortable with the idea of watching the Super Bowl on the TV set in the ER?

Then the bacon explosion sausage roll is for you.

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Umm, ok.
7. Vegan Shiitake Mushroom Bacon - Hey, it takes all kinds.

Maybe you, your kid, their friend, or someone you know is coming over and doesn't eat meat or any other animal product.

Usually, they'd sit in the corner with some old broccoli. Welcome them with bacon.

Hello devils.
6. Devils on Horseback - These are large dates wrapped in applewood-smoked bacon and stuffed with cheese and mango chutney.

They are a specialty of Miami's own chef Allen Susser, a dude who knows food.

Stuff yourself.

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