Top 10 Super Bowl Appetizer Recipes: Bacon Edition

Do it.

5. A BLT Sandwich With Baconnaise - From the people who brought you Bacon Salt, Bacon Ranch, Bacon Pop, and bacon-flavored envelopes (seriously) comes Baconnaise.

Pretty much anybody can make a sandwich. Here's our anti-recipe: Put this on pretty much anything.

Don't worry -- it also comes in Baconnaise Lite.

Be a monster.
4. Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies - A bacon cookie tray at a Super Bowl party flies faster than a Drew Brees laser.

Some people think the "bacon trend" is nearing its end, but we know bacon rules forever, or at least till we run out of pigs.

rabidscottsman flickr
Get tatered.
3. Bacon-Wrapped Tater Tots - If bite-size, crunchy, easy-to-make bacon goodness sounds like a plan to you, these are perfect.

Make a few hundred of these in advance of the big game, and re-upp scripts on your heartburn meds.

Hook up that ketchup IV too.

2. Crispy Deep-Fried Bacon - Do you own a deep fryer? Are you looking for something to fry? Got bacon?

This recipe keeps it simple, and you don't need a deep fryer either. A deep skillet will work fine.

Thanks for following our Super Bowl bacon guide. Enjoy these recipes while you watch the Colts take on the Saints during Super Bowl XLIV live from Miami, Florida. Invite some friends and family over for your Super Bowl party and enjoy.

And now for our number one Top 10 Super Bowl Appetizer Recipes: Bacon Edition...

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