Calle Ocho 2010 Street Food in Pictures

Categories: Cheap Eats
Jacob Katel
Pigs on sticks.
Calle Ocho 2010 brought fire to the streets of Little Havana on a hot Miami Sunday. Stands in the sea of people sold everything from meat on a stick to empanadas and Mexican, Honduran, Cuban, Spanish, Jamaican, and many other nations' specialties.

The roast pork pictured above was served sliced with a vegetable side for $12 -- too rich for our blood. Here's the $7 Salvatrucha (El Salvadoran) meal we went for and some other food we saw.
Fried pork chunks, chicharrones, boiled yuca, farmers' cheese, mixed salad, and lime slices, $5.

Boiled yuca

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