For St. Paddy's Day: Fox's Sherron Inn Is Really Friendly

Categories: Happy Hour Hunt
The dim lighting, the cramped faux-leather booths, the cheesy wallpaper reminiscent of the '70s, the dark wood paneling. Fox's is a throwback.

But if your stomach is growling as loudly as that saucy cougar who's trying to persuade you to buy her one of this joint's notoriously stiff martinis, you shouldn't shy away from the menu. Because the food listed inside is high-quality pub fare. All the usual suspects are here: burgers, chicken fingers, fries. The French dip ($9.95)? It's the dippiest.

Speaking of things that are French, there are also frogs' legs in garlic butter ($18.95), hopping with flavor. And the fried chicken? Well, let's just say you'll be licking your fingers -- kind of like what will happen after a few more drinks with said cougar. So slink on in for some clandestine fun, good grub, and maybe, just maybe, a roll in the big-cat hay.

Fox's Sherron Inn
6030 S. Dixie Hwy., South Miami

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