John Martin's St. Patrick's Day Street Fest in Pictures

With a ratio of food tents to beer tents of about one to five, it was obvious that food wasn't the priority at the John Martin's St. Patrick's Day celebration last night. Short Order knew that but still swung by to check out the food and drink a Harp in the process.

Paula Niño
Corned beef sandwich
The closed-off street block was jam-packed and nobody seemed to care that the beers were $8. Books & Books capitalized on the crowds by selling beer for $2 less in its courtyard. Others were even smarter, showing up with their own giant mugs filled with beer to listen to the live music.

Corned beef sandwiches, plates of fish and chips, cheeseburgers, hot dogs and Irish sausage sandwiches were served. At $8, the Irish sausage and grilled onions sandwich was the most expensive hot dog we've eaten lately, especially when you factor in an additional $4 for fries. We made the best of it, taking refuge from the crowds by the Colombian consulate as people decked out in green wigs, shamrock stockings, fish nets and hats paraded in front of us. For a moment we thought it was Halloween.

Paula Niño
Paula Niño
Irish sausage sandwich

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