Laurent Tourondel Cures The Big Apple's Hangover at Tabasco's Hangover Headquarters Truck

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Jackie Sayet
The Cure? Bottle Shock
There I went at 7 a.m. this morning, to West 48th Street and Sixth Avenue, my pajamas sandwiched between the suits at Tabasco Hangover Headquarters.

I, for one, was not hung over, but instead hungry over a complimentary menu of Tabasco-infused breakfast items created by Laurent Tourondel. The chef, despite a split announced on March 1 from BLT Restaurant Group, continues to oversee kitchen operations at BLT Miami and a handful of other management licensed properties around the world not including New York.

Was it a menu only a hearty stomach, like, say, the one belonging to Anthony Bourdain, could take?
Without a doubt and, might I add, an appropriate antidote to jolt revelers back to life after a night of St. Patty's Day partying. 

The truck's four items included Huevos Fresco Breakfast Burrito, Hash 'N Egg Slider, Double Smoked Bacon Pizzetta, and Spicy Sirloin Slider with Tasbasco Horseradish Sauce -- all more appetizing than your standard PR-stunt fare.  I guess that's just how LT rolls...  Did I mention his virgin bloody mary to wash it all down? Now that's a hair of the dog worth sipping straight up at the crack of dawn.

Jackie Sayet
LT, what a gentleman...



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