Plato Royale: Spicy Tuna Roll, Toni's Sushi vs. Akashi

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Spicy tuna rolls are ubiquitous in Miami. They've become such a staple at Japanese restaurants that sushi chefs are adding fancy ingredients to the tuna-and-spicy-mayo mix. Short Order visited South Beach's longtime favorite, Toni's Sushi, and South Miami sushi stalwart, Akashi, to see who rolls the best seaweed.

Photos by Jacquelynn D. Powers
Toni's Sushi.

Toni's Sushi ($7)

Pros: This New York-style spicy tuna roll features finely chopped tuna seasoned with masago, hot sesame oil, mayonnaise and scallions. Each bite is savory and delicious, with perfectly cooked rice and a firm seaweed outer wrapping. The masago and scallions contribute a nice texture to the mix.

Cons: This spicy tuna roll lacks serious heat. It's more mild than fiery. Also, if you desire big pieces of tuna, this pate-like seafood creation is not for you.


Akashi ($7.95)

Pros: The "Alex" spicy tuna roll is an innovative blend of chopped tuna, masago and spicy mayonnaise. It is topped with tempura flakes. The presentation is beautiful visually, with the crunchy tempura bits scattered across the rolls.

Cons: Unfortunately, this roll fails in its execution on many levels. Not only is the rice overly seasoned with vinegar, but each bite tastes oily and fishy. The unctuous sushi is also missing a spicy element.

Verdict: While Toni Sushi's well-prepared roll may not be spicy enough, anything is better than oily, fishy sushi. Short Order couldn't get the greasy taste out of our system for hours after dining at Akashi.

Toni's Sushi
1208 Washington Ave., Miami Beach

5830 S. Dixie Highway, South Miami

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