SBWFF 2010: Dim Sum & Disco In Photos

ming 2_opt.jpg
Photo by Lee Klein
Ming Tsai assembling the shumai
Dim Sum & Disco was the best event I attended at this year's Festival. It was loose, fun, funky, featured fantastic food by great chefs, amazing Ty Ku cocktails by famed mixologist Tony Abu-Ganim, and the gorgeous Setai outdoor area. Truth be told, for much of the night I was stationed at the Island Creek Oyster display (from Duxbury Bay, Massachusetts) that was part of Ming Tsai's set-up (or more specifically that of his Wellesley, Mass. restaurant, Blue Ginger). I dabbled here and there with the three mignonette sauces, and sipped on my closely guarded glass of Ty Ku White -- the company's Japanese Ultra Premium Junmai Daiginjo sake. But there were plenty more good eats, like the braised oxtail and foie gras shumai, with sambal-soy syrup and jicama-truffle slaw that Ming is assembling to the right.

cushman trio_opt.jpg
Photo by DOK
Cushman's ngiri trio
An astonishing treat was put out by chef Tim Cushman, of o ya in Boston -- I became quite a fan of his over this past weekend. Ngiri 3 ways: Tuna with Republic of Georgia herb sauce.  Hamachi with Viet mignonette sauce, fried shallots, and Thai basil. And perhaps the most stunning bite of the week, Salmon tataki ngiri with torched tomato, onion aioli, and smoked salt.

Cushman flaming his ngiri:

Lee Klein
Jonathan Wright's entries of the evening were as stunning as anyone else's -- especially this veal cheek and foie gras dumpling, with veal tongue salad (the combo called Tongue-n-Cheek):

setai bun_opt.jpg
Lee Klein

Jonathan Wright on the line:
jw on line_opt.jpg

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