Video: Allapattah Produce Market This Morning

The Allapattah Produce Market on the west side of NW 12th Avenue at 22nd street, just north of Jackson Hospital is one of the main hubs from which local restaurants source produce that's of both local and freshly imported varieties.

In 1999, the Allapattah Terminal Market, as it's also known, won our Best Multicultural Market award. This axis of produce was also the subject of a New Times feature story in 1996.

Last time we visited, in February 2009, Michael's Genuine Food & Drink was shopping for vegetables here 6 days a week.

It's a cool place to visit, is open to the public, and many of the vendors proudly accept food stamps. The time lapse for the above video clip was shot in front of OC of Miami Corp, a produce wholesaler. Call 305-324-9834 for more info.

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