Weekend Blog Watch: Buy Local, The Good Life, Topless Photo, Smoked Out

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Jacob Katel
Stay tuned....tomorrow Short Order goes Behind The Line at Gibraltar on Grove Isle.
It's been too long since we've highlighted recent posts from other local food blogs, eons in web time, so here's a roundup from just some of Short Order's many contemporaries.
  • New farmers market in the heart of Overtown at the Roots in The City Garden starts this week. [MiamiDish]
  • Great photos at this food and recipe blog that once embedded a New Times video. [Toriano'sLaBuenaVida]
  • Magic Ham, German charcuterie, slap yo momma, and priority mail. [Chadzilla]
  • New Times is part of Village Voice Media. We've got family all over the country. Check out our Broward/Palm Beach brethren. [CleanPlateCharlie]
  • Slow Food Miami locavore event features not-so-local menu. [RedlandRambles]
  • Pho quick, pho easy, pho delicious. Ready, set, pho. [WokStar]
  • Sweet potato fries fail, then improve, now excel at Burger & Beer Joint. [FrenchFryFairy]
  • Sex sells at Pinecrest Farmers Market, topless photo shot by famous local chef. [@NormanVanAken]
  • Smoked out on Little River at Red Light. [@Frodnesor]
  • You are what you eat, jerk. [@MiamiMobileEats]

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