Weekend Blog Watch: Chimi Truck, Farmer's Daughter, Tits and Cabbage, Get A Job

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Jacob Katel
Multitasking. Be sure to look out for our Food of Ultra Fest slideshow.
Another day, another dollar, another night at the casino risking it all, another tomorrow being broke and eating ramen noodles and sardines, another reason to work harder, especially at making up these intros, which are sometimes just entertaining lies. Or are they? Here are some recent posts from other Miami food blogs.
  • A Dominican hamburger truck in Allapattah? Super Chimi Los Primos. [BurgerBeast]
  • A new restaurant coming to Midtown touts text driven ordering, communal dining, and more PR bullshit. [PowerRankings]
  • Yesterday, The Abbey held their 15th anniversary "not closing" party. [SoFloBeerBlog]
  • Grow your own. [Chadzilla]
  • Tits and cabbage. [EdgyVeggie]
  • A farmer's daughter names her favorite farmers markets. [RedlandRambles]
  • Cheese of the week and dried fig salami. [TheGenuine]
  • A great whole spit roasted spring lamb picture. [DineMag]
  • Miami goes to India via the UK. [ERGagit]
  • "Baramundi with sauteed Brussels sprounts and oyster mushrooms with apple celery root purée an red wine reduct." [@ChefMikeB93]
  • "Tuesday we will be at @rikraksalon 14th and Brickell. Despierta America will be filming @simplyingrid." [@LatinBurger]
  • "Construction Pic du Jour of #Normans180. Lights being hung. Shine on you Crazy Diamond...." [@NormanVanAken]
  • "RT @normanvanaken: We are taking resumes and applications for #Normans180. Fax number is 305-529-5180. email to employment@normans180.com" [@JustinVanAken]

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