Top 10 Foods The Cast of Jersey Shore Misses on South Beach

Jersey Shore guidos and guidettes can only survive so long when taken out of their environment. MTV recently experimented on the species by sending the cast to South Beach and filming their reactions. As it turns out, when faced with the long-term deprivation of their native foods and habitat, los Jerseyenos became homesick and distraught.The network recently announced they will be heading back home at some point this season. Here are the top 10 foods the cast of Jersey Shore has missed while Jaegerbombing through South Beach.

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Clams on the half shell.
10. Clams
Guidos and guidettes love clams. They put em' on pizza, in spaghetti, make sandwiches, they even eat em' raw on the half shell...they're good for the hair, make it stay in place harder for longer.

9. Fried Calamari
It doesn't matter how nice the restaurant, whether it's French, Japanese, whateva. Real Guidos always order fried calamari and red sauce. Especially if the restaurant buys it frozen and cooks it to rubber. S'posed to be good for maintaining an orange skin tone.

via Mack & Manco facebook.

8. Mack & Manco
Guidos of all ages love Mack & Manco pizza. It's a Jersey Shore staple. You can't get this shit on South Beach.

South Beach pizza is like bread and ketchup compared to this. South Beach pizzas have posters of Mack & Manco's hanging up in the oven while they cook so theys can see what to be like when they grow up.

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7.Salt Water Taffy
You would think South Beach doesn't even have salt water by their crap taffy. All their taffy tastes like rice and beans. Tastes like it was made without salt in Cuba, then thrown in the ocean to float over.

6. Fudge
Real down-the-Shore fudge is something you can actually trade a Jersey Girl for oral sex. They love it. That's how good it is.

Sure you can buy fudge on South Beach, have em' send it up home as a souvenir, but when you say "Let me get my fudge packed" on South Beach you end up walking funny for weeks.

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