Drink Up Tomorrow Night's Heat Game 3 with T.O. Michael Beasley and Lawrence Taylor

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Photo: Marc Serota
NFL greats Terrell Owens, Lawrence Taylor, Channing Crowder, Ray Buchanan and Matthew Hatchette will show up on a commercial for Title Sports Drink during tonight's game three of the Miami Heat playoff game -- and on the draft shows starting today on  ESPN and the NFL Network.

 They shot last week in Fort Lauderdale. The day began with Lawrence Taylor promoting the sports drink, which led into workout footage of the former NFL player with Ray Buchanan and Matthew Hatchette. Miami Dolphins

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Photo: Marc Serota
linebacker Crowder arrived mid-morning and   Owens showed up later in the afternoon along with the Heat's Michael Beasley and Mario Chalmers. (Maybe the team would have done better in the first two games had they been practicing.)

Funniest moment: when the crew got all the athletes together for group footage. It took several takes to get everyone to say, "We all still thirst for it." It was only five simple words, but for some reason it just didn't come together. In the end, it worked, though a couple players only mouthed the words. 

To see it you can also check out Miami-

titlesports drink.jpg
Photo: Marc Serota
based Sunday Sports Wrap on Channel 7, Channel 4 and Channel 6 will also be airing the commercials along with Sun Sports and FSN, Spike TV and ESPN 2.

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