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Egg roll with kimchi
The opening bite to this week's restaurant review:

High-quality fast food continues to be American gastronomy's answer to 21st-century economics and tastes. We're not referring to chains such as Chipotle and its ilk, but rather local-based, independently owned operations that put out limited menus of global street foods prepared with high-level ingredients and skills. The precursor to this national culinary craze manifested itself in these parts via an explosion of "gourmet" pizza and hamburger joints. Now the gastro trucks, originally popularized years ago in L.A., have pulled into our eager little town, as have a new generation of ethnic counter-service eateries such as Wok Town and Sakaya Kitchen. The latter debuted in the Shops at Midtown Miami this past December and exemplifies all that is worthy in this trend.

Sakaya Kitchen
3401 N. Miami Ave., Miami

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Sakaya Kitchen

3401 N. Miami Ave., Miami, FL

Category: Restaurant

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