Classic Rock, Oceans of Beer Define Yard House Happy Hour

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As part of our count down to New Times' Coolest 50 Happy Hours in Miami in June we'll be giving a sneak preview of some dives, meat markets, truly hipster hangouts, and any other kind of Happy Hour locales you can think of. Loosen your tie or throw on that little black dress but keep your credit card in your wallet, the tab is on us and the tap is running.

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The Yard House: More beer than you can shake a tap at.

Think of a bank drive-thru lane, except when it comes time to put in a canister with your deposit slip, you throw in an ungodly-sized beer goblet. And what comes shooting in from the other end are copious amounts of alcoholic goodness from around the world. That's the Yard House in the Village of Merrick Park. Its oversized bar is encircled by 130 taps, which in turn are connected to sleek metal tube running overhead. It can take you all night just to fill out a withdrawal slip for a brew. There are ales of all colors, stouts, porters, fruit lambics, lagers, bitters and even draft beer floats with ice cream. During the Yard House Happy Hour -one of the earliest in town starting at 3 p.m. - you can get pints for $3.50 and up and goblets start at $4.75. There are also specials on well drinks, wine and house martinis.

"The beer is what gets them in the door," says General Manager Charlie Richard, "but the food is what keeps them coming back." They boast 109 menu items and Happy Hour specials on four different kids of sliders for $6. 75, as well as selected half priced pizzas and appetizers. The décor is classic Americana (though it's closer to Ruth's Chris than Fridays) and the restaurant takes pride in its devotion to Classic Rock (it's actually part of its moniker--Great Food. Classic Rock). They like to play their Zeppelin and Rush loud, so stay away if you are looking to posit philosophical treatises with your close group of beatnik friends. Despite its ritzy location on the ground floor of an upscale outdoor mall, the Yard House attracts a mostly younger, although still professional, crowd.

Yard House
320 San Lorenzo Avenue, Coral Gables

Happy Hour: Monday through Friday, 3-6 p.m.; Sunday through Wednesday, 10 p.m. to close.

Location Info

Yard House

320 San Lorenzo Ave., Coral Gables, FL

Category: Music

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