Top 10 Most Hated Popular American Candies

Candy, we love it, but that doesn't mean it's all good, at least not to everybody.

In fact, there are certain popular confections, some of which have been around since the 1800s, that continue to engender hate for their flavor profiles.

Somebody call the molecular gastronomists. Maybe they can explain it with numbers and graphs. All we know is certain flavors truly disgust certain people.

Here's our list of the top 10 most-hated popular American candies with quotes from around the web to back up our choices.

Leave a comment if you agree and/or if you think we're idiots.

Here's our list.

10. Chocolate Skittles

Web Hate: "Like being mouth raped by candy."

Reasoning: Americans don't like our chocolate gummy.

Final Thought: In 20 years a sealed bag of these will be worth a lot of money.

9. Sour Nerds

Web Hate: "I got a huge cancer sore on my tongue from these, I hate them!"

Reasoning: People have certain expectations of Nerds built up over years of loyal consumption, "cancer sores" are not one of them.

Final Thought: Sour food is awesome. Only wimps cry about candy, and if Snoop co-signs them, we do too.

8. Good & Plenty

Web Hate: "How is it that these wretched little pellets are not yet extinct?"

Reasoning: Black licorice flavor has only friends and foes, no fencewalkers.

Final Thought: Deservedly hated. These pink and white devil bombs look like medicine.

7. Raisinets

Web Hate: "Chocolate-covered raisins? Yuck!! (Some things just don't taste good together!)"

Reasoning: They look like rabbit turds.

Final Thought: The middle circle for a venn diagram of yuppies and hippies.

6. Bit-O-Honey

Web Hate: "Bit o Honey is an evil scheme to remove your teeth before you are finished using them"

Reasoning: They taste like they were invented in 1924 because they were.

Final Thought: Dose with acid and pass around at next office party.

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