Top 10 TV Moms Who Cook For Mother's Day

Your mom can't cook. Or that's what you always said. You watched those ladies on the tube, and thought it looked so damn easy. Hell. some of 'em were even hot. Well, that was all made up, you jerk. So before you nail mom (editor's paragraph) again for another year -- starting this Sunday on Mother's Day,  check out our list of TV moms who cook.
10. June Cleaver 
This lady probably raised more American kids than parents. Too bad she was part of the Fifties classist, racist, woman beating establishment. At least she could cook and she knew when to shut up.

9. Alice from The Brady Bunch
Sure she was a childless house lady, but she's the one that did all the cooking, cleaning, and taking care of those 12 stuck up brats and do you think she ever got so much as card or a box of chocolates?! No she was the one making dinner for that bitch, Carol.

8. Marge Simpson
Marge Simpson's cooking might cause you to choke on a long blue hair every so often, but her heart is always in the right place. Just don't tell her kids about those porno pictures of her on the internet.

7. Claire Huxtable
Remember that Cosby Show episode where Claire puts rat poison in Cliff's sandwich as part of a life insurance collection scheme and then Cliff gives the sandwich to a homeless guy on the street? That was funny. Claire was pissed. He better buy her a diamond for Mother's Day.

6. Mrs. Cunningham
Mrs. Cunningham knew how to keep the Happy Days going. She always spiked the o.j. with valium.

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