Wine Depot & Bistro Coming to South Beach

Lee Klein
Guess there won't be much in the way of window displays.
Wine Depot & Bistro 555 will be moving into South Beach at 555 Jefferson Ave., just up the block from the Meridian Market. The huge, 6,700 square foot area (Wine Depot) will be divided into a private cellar, wine racks, a lounge & bar, and a small market; the outdoor 2,250 square foot patio will become Bistro 555. Over 100 different types of wines and champagne will be available, with small bites offered at tables arranged by the wine racks -- warehouse-style dining, if you will. The food market will offer caviar, cheeses, salumi -- the works. Also: A rooftop space used for events.

The new Publix is just a few blocks away. Something tells me there are going to be some worthy wine deals coming up at the supermarket.

Location Info

WD 555

555 Jefferson Ave., Miami Beach, FL

Category: Restaurant

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