A.C.'s Icees Frosted to Fight the Heat

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Photo by Christina Staalstrom
What does an athletic Midwestern boy do after moving to Miami? Sell lemonade, of course! That was Allen Cohen back in 1978, when he decided to say goodbye to Michigan winters and start "living the dream" in Miami. 

An avid runner, he set up shop in Coconut Grove's Kennedy Park, where a group he runs with met. "One of us would always have to do a grocery run to get beverages," he recalls. So he gathered up his savings and started A.C.'s Icees. "I feel very lucky -- my office is a park," he says with a twinkle in his eye.

Photo by Christina Staalstrom
But don't let the laid-back attitude fool you. A.C. takes his frosted beverages very seriously. There are three flavors: lemonade, cherry/strawberry, and piña colada. All are made fresh every morning. Don't ask for the recipe -- it's a secret. One senses a blend of fresh lemon and other fruit juices all whipped to the perfect temperature. It's then put into the coolers inside his truck, ready for some scooping.

For many locals, the white truck with the yellow awnings is a landmark. It is there year-round (except during hurricanes), with A.C. in the window. "On a busy Saturday, we can have up to 400 people." That's a lot of frosted lemonade. 

On a recent busy morning, Richard, A.C.'s nephew who moved here from Michigan (sound familiar?), serves some lemonades while A.C. works the crowd and shows me around the truck. He graciously gives me a logo'd shirt to go with a frosted lemonade in hand.

So now I'm ready to fight the heat!

A.C.'s Icees is located in the parking lot of Kennedy Park in Coconut Grove. It's open daily 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Photo by Christina Staalstrom
Photo by Christina Staalstrom

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A.C.'s Icees

2400 S. Bayshore Drive, Coconut Grove, FL

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My mom just informed me that AC died a few months ago. Does anyone know if this is true? I haven't been by in a while. I searched online and found no articles relating to his death, only to his business. If he really has died, what would this mean for AC's Icees?? Will the nephew take over? I sure hope this precious landmark, not to mention delicious lemonade that I need in my life, will be there forever.

If someone would like to reply to me, please visit my blog at http://earnestyle.blogspot.com/ and click on "contact me" under my picture, or leave a comment in any post. I'm just not sure if I would ever be notified of a reply via this commenting system.



AC is alive and well. He's just working 3 days a week only. I had a feeling it was a rumor! When I asked the guy who served me he laughed and said everyone has killed him just because he's not here everyday. Lol.

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