Naked Room Service on South Beach

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Four Rooms
Ever wonder what kind of crazy stuff hotel room service attendants see on South Beach? We did. So we asked around in the kitchen of a certain luxury inn where the tips are big and lips are shut.

Five attendants were waiting to send condiments and comida up the elevator about 10:30 p.m. on a recent Friday. They included a man and woman, both in their mid-20s, all suited up for the I'm-drunk-and I-need-a-burger rush.

Here's the guy's tale. When Short Order approached, looking for news of the hotel kind, he relived a great moment with a smile on his face. First, though, he asked his compadres, "Should I tell him about the Darth Vader mask?"

Yup, they all said.

"Around 4 in the morning during Winter Music Conference, this guy orders a couple bottles of Champagne. I go up to the room and there's a guy in a Darth Vader mask, wearing just his underwear. There's also a naked Asian DJ, somebody in a full panda suit, one naked chick lying on the floor getting a massage, and another girl just in her panties. For some reason people love answering the door naked when they're at a hotel.There's an automatic gratuity on all room service here, but he gave me 20 bucks."

Then the young lady chimed in. She was a pretty young thing with long black hair -- like a French maid from a porno, but wearing the uniform: black pants, black vest, and a smile. 

"Just last week I went up to a room where this guy had ordered a bucket of ice. Just a bucket of ice. He answered the door naked with a big ass smile on his face and behind him there were three naked girls making out with each other all crazy. "

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