Top 15 Geek Food Tributes to Star Wars, Trek, and Bacon

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Nerds are we, and geeks, and dorks. Like normals, we take up the fork. We eat and drink as much as you, but make our foods a tribute too. From Trek, to Wars, to toons, and shrooms, to Potter, Lost, and Iphones too. Sit back and laugh at what we do, remember nerds are people too.

Here are our Top 15 geek tributes to nerd culture made with food.
15. Darth Vader Pizza - Life after college for the philosophy major consists mostly of making pizza art, then considering its ephemeral nature. Wipe that sauce off your chin fucko.

lost bento.jpg
14. Lost Bento Box - Finally, something lamer than the show itself yet still more exciting to watch.

13. Iphone Cupcakes - Frosting pen OCD? There's a cupcake for that.

luke in taun taun 1.jpg

luke in taun taun 2.jpg
12. Star Wars Wedding Cake - A scene of Luke keeping warm in the guts of the repto-mammal TaunTaun on a cold and frigid planet. That's right cold AND frigid. Wife must be cool. Father in law hates you.

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