Roadkill Branding Irons, Grill Perversion, and BBQ Weaponry

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Summer's here and it's time to fire up the grill.  To spice things up, we went on a quest for the ultimate barbecue accessories and came across some gadgets that are definitely worth sharing.

The Condiment Gun -   

The pictures speak for themselves. This party starter is so popular that it is sold out at both Amazon and Firebox
Sausage Bloke
sausage bloke 6.jpg
We don't really have much to say, except that the Australian site that sells this unique rotisserie tool is completely sold out.   $19.95 at Charcool.

Road Kill Steak Branders


Initials and branding irons that say "dad" are no longer enough.  Although if we were served a steak that said "roadkill" we may be tempted to send it back.
$29.95 from

Swashbuckler BBQ Sword


Not to be mistaken with the Pirates of the Caribbean Halloween costume, this grill set not only protects your face from flames, but also lets you stab your meat from a long distance.  Safety and greed combined.  $ 18.37 from Amazon.

Grillslinger BBQ Tool belt and set

This tool set seems to be a take on a the gun holster for all those who  want to feel like a cowboy behind the grill.   $ 89.95 from RedEnvelope.

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