Top Five Food Porn Movies for a Rainy Weekend

With Bonnie upon us, it's time to change those weekend beach plans and resign ourselves to spending some time indoors with a good selection of food porn.  What's better than watching provocative actors seductively eat, cook and fondle food as a glorified substitute for sex?   Below is a list of some of our favorites.

I Am Love   2010 (still in theaters)

I am love_05.jpg

This visually stunning family drama set in Italy stars Tilda Swinston as Emma, a Russian immigrant who falls for the much younger Antonio.  Antonio, a handsome and talented chef who is opening a restaurant with her son, quickly seduces all her senses and what ensues is a passionate love affair involving both sex and food.

Big Night 


This 1996 classic tells the tale of two brothers played by Stanley Tucci and Tony Shalhoub who sink all their money into their Italian restaurant in hopes of hitting it big. The movie culminates in a dinner scene where the guests indulge in an exquisite family style Italian meal prepared by Primo (Shalhoub).  Don't forget the movie snacks when you see this one, you will be hungry.

Babette's Feast   


A 1987 food lover's dream, this Danish movie about a modest cook, Babette, who wins the lottery and uses the money to seduce her employers and local dignitaries with a banquet full of sumptuous and exotic dishes.  A beautiful film with limited dialog, but then again, isn't silence a sure sign of a good meal?

Waitress  2007


This comedy-drama set in the South is as sweet as the pies Jenna, played by Kerri Russell, makes throughout the movie.  As her life unfolds she finds her herself pregnant in an unhappy marriage and the pies she makes at work are the release of her emotions.  The camera zooms in as Jenna rolls the dough and gently but with purpose, fills the crust with luscious and experimental ingredients.  If you love American pies and diners, this is the movie for you.

Chocolat    2000


This movie is made for anyone who loves chocolate and will convert even the most sour of people into a sweetie in a heartbeat.  Sensual Vianne Rocher (Juliette Binoche) settles into small town in France to open a chocolaterie and slowly transforms its rigid and timid town with her aphrodisiac-infused chocolates and laughter inspiring decadent delights. While there she meets a dangerously handsome gypsy (Johnny Depp) who seduces her. Definitely one to see with a date and a box of chocolates.

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