Go to Town for Happy Hour With Big-City Appeal

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Sex and the small city.

​The place: Town Kitchen & Bar
7301 SW 57th Ct., South Miami

The hours: Sunday and Monday 4 to 7 p.m.

The deals: Half-price on everything, including bottle wines up to $200. Ladies get free champagne Thursdays 4 to 7 p.m.

The scene: Think Sex and the Small City, and you've got Town, South Miami's happy hour for the professional adult who's not quite ready to settle into middle-aged mundanity. Carrie and the gang would especially like Thursday nights, when ladies get free champagne and the bar wait goes about three deep.

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Each large-format beer is equal to about three drafts.

The sleek postindustrial décor, with exposed concrete and metallic tubes, gives an air of sophistication that the menu mirrors. A whole page of single-malt Scotches and bar food such as an artisanal cheese plate and lobster quesadillas would ordinarily tip the scales to the wine-and-cheese crowd, but Town brings the uppity down a bit via a wide selection of large-format beers (equal to about three drafts).

The specialty brews get points for originality, with names such as Arrogant Bastard and Coney Island Albino Python, plus involved ingredients. Once a month, beermeister Jeff Ambler has a special tasting of new brews he discovers. 

Conclusion: The farther south you go in Miami-Dade, the less sophisticated happy hour gets. Town in South Miami is probably the last stop for white-collar types to enjoy fine food and drink.

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Town Kitchen and Bar

7301 SW 57th Court, South Miami, FL

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