Les Halles & Pacific Time Clock Out, Enrique Fernandez Needs To Tune In

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Read My Lips
"Pacific Time will remain open through the summer." -- Jonathan Eismann to Short Order, June 16, 2010

Pacific Time shut its doors two weeks ago.

I Hear The War In Afghanistan Is Going Pretty Well
Les Halles has also halted service, the ominous Temporarily closed for renovations sign posted in the window. The restaurant phone machine says temporarily disconnected. In an honest world, this would mean that Les Halles is temporarily closed for renovations.

Plus This Way You Can Leave The Pretentious Places To Me
I didn't want to write about Cuban food again. Honest. But here I am, knee-deep in criollo waters.

So begins the latest column by Enrique Fernandez in yesterdays food section of Miami's daily pamphlet of record.

To which we say to Enrique: Stop this foolish talk! Why wouldn't you want to write about Cuban food? You know more about it than just about any other food writer in this town, and as such can explain it better than the rest of us. Plus your unpretentious, cross-referencing writing style is pitch-perfect for the subject. Who else could come up with this line, from the same column quoted above:

"Oh, how I wish I could bring back the maestro of Yoknapatawpha County and, after plying him with bourbon, take him to La Camaronera to sample bollitos de carita."

So Enrique, please keep on writing about Cuban food. Whether you want to or not.

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