Plato Royale: Battle of Yuca Frita, Havana Harry's vs. Casa Larios

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Americans have potatoes. Cubans have yuca. So in Miami, you can find the root vegetable pretty much everywhere arroz y frijoles are sold. The starch can be boiled or fried but must be drenched in mojo (a sauce prepared with heavy amounts of garlic, olive oil and citrus juices) to be legitimate.

Local eateries Havana Harry's and Casa Larios are both known for their homemade Cuban taste. But below, Short Order places the two tropical restaurants head to head in a battle of yuca frita.

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Photo By Danielle Alvarez
Yuca Frita at Havana Harry's
Havana Harry's

Pros: The vegetable retains its texture and taste as the yuca ($5) is delicately fried. The mojo is balanced and contains a noticeable kick of lime that compliments the dish.

Cons: The portion is ridiculous with over 15 pieces. Not even the most experienced Cuban should intake so many carbohydrates in one sitting.

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Photo By Danielle Alvarez
Yuca Frita at Casa Larios
Casa Larios

Pros: The portion of crunchy yuca ($5) is just enough. The added mojo is of a thicker consistency and is sweet.

Cons: The pieces are slightly over-fried. And the taste of the vegetable gets lost in the grease.

Verdict: While Casa Larios does boast a livelier décor and better tunes (it is owned by Gloria Estefan), Havana Harry's wins the yuca frita battle with their lighter take on the Cuban carb staple.

Havana Harry's

4612 S Le Jeune Rd., Coral Gables

9525 SW 88th St., Kendall

Casa Larios

5859 SW 73 St., South Miami

7705 West Flagler St., Miami

Location Info

Casa Larios

5859 SW 73rd St., South Miami, FL

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