Sneak Review: The Villa by Barton G

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Lee Klein
Dessert spread at The Villa's opening party
A quick bite from next weeks Cafe review of The Villa:
Seared ahi tuna and beef carpaccio were each strikingly presented upon stunning plateware. Four purplish slices of the former were arranged upon a velvety red pepper puree (the peppers juiced, thickened, frozen, and placed on plate like a rectangle of red carpet) dotted with rings of dried black olives and red onions, hard-boiled quail egg whites, a small dice of haricot verts, and a quenelle of vibrant fennel sorbet...the carpaccio brought four bright red circles of top round of beef bolstered with caper berries, planks of parmesan, micro sprouts, drizzles of olive oil and peppercorn aioli, and an egg yolk that had been cured with sugar and salt.
Unfortunately, chef Justin Albertson left his position shortly after we dined here. His sous chef is currently helming the kitchen until a new executive chef is named.

The Villa By Barton G
1116 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach

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The Villa by Barton G. - CLOSED

1116 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, FL

Category: Restaurant

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