The Best Hummus in Israel

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Photo by Jacquelynn D. Powers
Hummus at Azura in Jerusalem.
On a recent vacation to Israel, we went on the hunt for the tastiest hummus in the Holy Land. While Israel boasts some amazing hummus, that addictive chickpea concoction so beloved in You Don't Mess With The Zohan, we found our winning dish in a tiny restaurant in Jerusalem's bustling Mahane Yehuda market. Called Azura, this eatery serves authentic Middle Eastern dishes, with an Iraqi bent, quickly and efficiently.

The hummus at Azura is creamy, silky and luscious. Unlike other versions, it is not overwhelmed with too much garlic or lemon. A hint of fruity olive oil rims the plate, and whole chickpeas on top add a nice texture to the hummus. It is served with warm pita bread, and in a nod to Israeli tradition, slices of onion and pickles. (Make sure you like the people you are dining with if you opt for the onion.) Azura is also known for Iraqi-style fare, such as kubbeh soup, chicken stew and madjadra (lentils and rice).

It's nearly impossible to find the restaurant in the maze-like Mahane Yehuda market, Jerusalem's top produce shuk, but follow the lines of people clamoring for the perfect lunchtime snack. While we did have to wait 15 minutes to be seated, once we were tableside, the affordably-priced food came out in rapid-fire succession. Wash it all down with mint lemonade or an Israeli beer. This is where the locals eat, so if you want to see Jerusalem like a native this should be your first stop.



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