Top 5 Miami Restaurants for LeBron James to Dine

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Lee Klein
This could be yours!
OK, LeBron, all you have to do is let the word Miami mellifluously slide from your lips tonight and everybody will be happy. Extremely happy. And we know you'll be besieged with all sorts of stuff as soon as you make your announcement, so feel free to print out this column and put it aside until you've made the move and taken care of business.

You've been to Miami plenty of times before, and we know you know about Prime 112, the Forge, Michael's Genuine, and all the celebrity spots. We humbly offer five suggestions that you might not know about -- but should. Just our little part in trying to help you adjust to your new surroundings.

By the way, LeBron, you're not going to make me look bad by signing with Cleveland now, are you? I don't want to burden you with any potential guilt, but this post took me quite awhile to put together.

1. Mahogany Grille
It's co-owned by another hall of fame athlete, Andre Dawson. You can go to Sunday lunch, enjoy outstanding soul food, and spend some rare time around nonmillionaires. Bonus: Paparazzi don't hang there often.

2. Kingdom
Where else should the King go for a big, beautiful burger?

3. Blue Sea at the Delano
Man cannot live on bread alone or, for that matter, on bread and fried chicken -- bad for the cholesterol. If all you wanted was great food, you could have signed with New York or Chicago. As you are well aware, South Beach offers an eye-candy-sweetened people-watching experience unmatched by competing cities. Blue Sea sits smack-dab in the Delano Hotel lobby, a fine spot to take a seat and watch the parade go by (of course, they'll be watching you too). Plus the sushi is really good.

4. Lido Restaurant & Bayside Grill
We need you to stay healthy, and this restaurant is located within the Standard Hotel spa. Steam baths, saunas, massages, gorgeous outdoor pool, yoga... yes, yoga. Look, dude, with all due respect, you're not in Cleveland anymore. Anyway, you can sit outdoors for lunch, between the swimming pool and stunning bay vista, and eat food that's not only delicious but also healthy. We'll say the word one more time: healthy. Maybe you can use that as your mantra when practicing yoga.

5. The Villa by Barton G.
It's located in the former Versace mansion -- great food, royal service, a dining room fit for a superstar. Most important, you can get a look-see after dinner to decide if you want to buy the place. Can't get any closer to the South Beach scene than that.

Anyway, assuming you're not going to let me down tonight -- I mean, at this point I'd have to take it personally -- this list ought to suffice for the time being. Feel free to write for more suggestions anytime.

P.S.: It's probably too early for me to hit you up for playoff tickets, right?

Blue Sea at the Delano
1685 Collins Ave., Miami Beach

6708 Biscayne Blvd., Miami

Lido Restaurant & Bayside Grill
Standard Hotel
40 Island Ave., Miami Beach

Mahogany Grille
2190 NW 183 St., Miami

The Villa by Barton G
1116 Ocean Dr., Miami Beach

Location Info

The Mahogany Grille - CLOSED

2190 NW 183rd St., Miami Gardens, FL

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