Worst Bread in Miami: GreenStreet, Randazzo's, and Others

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CPK's sad carbs
Some local restaurants are slacking when it comes to the breadbasket. Though entrées are just fine at many of these locales, staff overlooks a critical aspect of the dining-out experience. Bread is usually a diner's first taste of an eatery and sets the stage for everything else. The following is a list of five spots, in no specific order, that present sorry excuses for breadbaskets. Short Order generally likes all of these joints, but not their disappointing predinner loaves.

GreenStreet Café: Their basket of small, dry, and tough white bread is most often pushed aside. Diners mostly employ it to scoop up extra hummus or soup.

California Pizza Kitchen: Just blocks from several notable bakeries, CPK serves a sad stack of cold bread that's hard to chew and reminiscent of cardboard. There are also measly butter packets that otherwise are found at grimy coffeehouses.

Randazzo's Little Italy: This traditional Italian restaurant serves stale and forgettable white bread. Additionally, there's no butter, and the dipping concoction contains too much oil and is laced with jalapeños. 

Sergio's: It's a rule: Bread offered at Cuban restaurants is to be generously buttered, slightly greasy, and freshly pressed (read: warm). Sergio's arrives barely buttered, room temperature, and shameful.

Rosinella Italian Trattoria
: The pizza is great, but like other offenders, Rosinella serves  flavorless bread as hard and cold as the butter packets served next to it.

GreenStreet Café
3468 Main Hwy., Coconut Grove
305- 444-0244

California Pizza Kitchen

300 Miracle Mile, Coral Gables
305- 774-9940

Randazzo's Little Italy

385 Miracle Mile, Coral Gables
305- 448- 7002


3252 Coral Way, Coral Gables
305- 529- 0047

Rosinella Italian Trattoria

525 Lincoln Rd., Miami Beach
305- 672-8777

Location Info

GreenStreet Cafe

3468 Main Highway, Coconut Grove, FL

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