Humane Limes, Naked Pizzas, Dusty DeVito, and a Poem

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The Naked Truth
Naked Pizza is gearing up for an opening on Washington Avenue. The debut can't come too soon, because South Beach residents are really hungry for yet another pizza chain outlet.

No Hormones, No Steroids, No Asterisks
Lime Fresh Mexican Grill, a Florida-based company, has become the first restaurant chain to serve only 100 percent Certified Humane meats. The certification, issued by Humane Farm Animal Care, ensures Lime's meats have no antibiotics or hormones and the animals have been treated humanely from birth to slaughter.
"Yes, you've seen multimillion-dollar advertising campaigns making similar claims, but read the fine print. The majority of those restaurants combine organic and humanely killed meats with other lesser products or upgrade only one of several meats on their menus. Lime's announcement has no asterisks."

The important thing is that Lime didn't mention Chipotle by name.

Aspen to Aspen, Dust to Dust
Dena Marino, wife and mother, recently moved to Miami from Aspen in order to take over the executive chef position at DeVito South Beach. After only a few weeks, she amicably parted with ownership and headed home to Colorado. Only thing I can think of that would make someone go to all of that trouble just to turn around is that she must've developed an unfortunate allergy to all of that damn DeVito Dust that gets sprinkled everywhere.

Larry LaValley, corporate chef for the David Manero Restaurants, takes over until a new toque is tapped. Local foodies will remember the talented LaValley from his years as chef at Mark's South Beach in the Hotel Nash.

Poem for a Famous Chef and His Long-Awaited Downtown Miami Restaurant:
Daniel Boulud,
What happened to you?

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DeVito South Beach - CLOSED

150 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, FL

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