Roach Coaches: Miami's Original Food Trucks

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Photo by Christina Staalstrom
With the surge of mobile food in the Miami area, it's easy to forget the" Roach Coaches" that stop at construction sites and building parking lots throughout the day to offer beverages, snacks, baked goods and hot food for bargain prices.

Evelyn Garcia owns and operates Lazarito Lunch Box.  A no-nonsense dame with a friendly smile, she and her husband own 5 trucks that each service between 10 and 15 stops per day. The couple each drive a truck and they've hired employees to run the others. Evelyn tells us that the workers "know I am coming at a certain hour and I've become part of their daily routine." Stops can last anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour, which can lead to a hectic day. She strives to offer her customers a lot of variety. While she changes the hot menu daily, items like steak, mashed potatoes, yucca and rice are always available. What are her top sellers? "In the summer it's Gatorade and Monster, it's too hot out here!"

Photo by Christina Staalstrom
Evelyn tells us she looks forward to the friendly banter with the customers. "There's a lot of competition, so it's important to treat everyone with respect, be friendly, and have a good variety of food".

Lazarito Lunch Box

Photo by Christina Staalstrom
Photo by Christina Staalstrom

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