Brickell Pimping Sushi

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Sushi Siam
The overpopulation of sushi restaurants in Brickell has reached epidemic proportions. From Abokado to Zuma, Japanese cuisine is invading downtown like white on rice. Whether standing on their own or housed in the lobbies of hotels and condominiums, one has to wonder if the citizens are crying out for more spicy tuna rolls or crying out for variety.

One longtime Brickell resident, who wished to remain anonymous, commented. "I've got one (a sushi restaurant) in my building. It's alright. Nothing special. If I want really good sushi, I'm not going anyplace around here."

According to, none of the top ten sushi restaurants in Miami are located in downtown/Brickell. So perhaps there is some truth to the sentiment of the anonymous resident.

After being told there are approximately a dozen sushi restaurants in the area, a former resident of Brickell, Lori Bailey, added, "Wow, I didn't realize there were that many! The only ones I know are Sushi Maki and Sushi Siam. But I was a creature of habit."

Maybe Brickell can scale back on the sushi and introduce some variety. And no more chains, please.

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Zuma Contemporary Japanese Cuisine

270 Biscayne Blvd. Way, Miami, FL

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