Sawaddee Thai-Sushi is a Hidden Gem

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Lee Klein
Steamy fresh red curry with pork
This little 16-seater has been tucked off the corner of Bay Drive and 69th Street in Normandy Isles for the past four years. During this time, the all-female crew (kitchen and dining room) has been cooking up some of the best Thai food on the Beach. The recently updated menu is very extensive, with numerous choices of curries, seafoods, duck preparations, noodle and rice dishes, and house specialties. The fare is fresh, authentic, and delicious. It comes a little spicy, but you can add or subtract the piquancy upon request. Sawaddee serves sushi, tempura, and teriyaki too, but I haven't yet tried these.

The accompanying photos show two of the most popular dishes served for dinner: Shrimp pad Thai ($13.95) and red curry with pork, bamboo shoots, peas, and bell pepper in a coconut milk-curry paste ($13.95). You can get these same items, or any of ten others at lunchtime, served with choice of spring rolls, soup of the day, or rice -- for $6.95 ($1 extra for shrimp).

Lee Klein
Shrimp pad Thai
Great deal. Japanese lunches come with miso soup or small salad, and include sushi/tempura/teriyaki combos for $10.95 to $11.95.

Miriam is the manager who oversees Sawaddee, and service is exceptional -- the crew never misses a beat. Even the Thai iced tea tastes better here.

Sawaddee Thai-Sushi
6968 Bay Dr., Miami Beach

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Sawaddee Thai-Sushi

6968 Bay Drive, Miami Beach, FL

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