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With Top Chef Just Desserts hitting the airwaves there is no doubt that satisfying a sweet tooth is the hot thing to do for cooler months ahead. So we reached out to our Short Order Best Pastry Chef Nominees to get the 411 on who they are and their favorite fall dessert. Drum roll....

Chefs are listed alphabetically

Name: Hedy Goldsmith
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Profession: Executive Pastry Chef at Michael's Genuine Food & Drink
Culinary Education: Culinary Institute of America
Favorite simple fall recipe: Gingersnap cookies
Personal motto: "work smarter, not harder"

Name: Julien Philippe
Hometown: Paris, France
Profession: Pastry Chef for Roka and Zuma Restaurants
Culinary Education: BTS (Brevet Technique Superieur) and Hotellerie Restauration
Favorite simple fall recipe: Almond, Fig and Umeshu Toban
Personal motto: "keep it simple"

Name: Malka Espinel
Profession: Pastry Chef at The Forge
Culinary Education: Cooking and Hospitality Institute of Chicago (Culinary Degree), FIU (Masters in Hospitality Management)
Favorite simple fall recipe: Honey cake with goat milk fromage blanc, cream and oven roasted figs
Personal motto: "focus on flavor and keep it simple"

Name: Olivier Rodriguez
Hometown: Annecy, France
Profession: Executive Pastry Chef at Palm D'Or
Culinary Education: C.A.P - 4-year degree
Favorite simple fall recipe: Mont Blanc (meringue with chestnut and rum cream, vanilla ice cream)
Personal motto: "Be always positive, don't focus on the problem but on the solutions.."

Pastry chef Vanessa Paz(2).jpg

Name: Vanessa Paz
Hometown: San Juan, Puerto Rico
Profession: Executive Pastry Chef, Michy's
Culinary Education: Degree in baking and pastry from Johnson & Wales
Favorite simple fall recipe: Deep fried apple pie with vanilla toffee ice cream and apple cider caramel
Personal motto: " keep it simple and delicious and you can't go wrong."

So who has your vote??

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Michael's Genuine Food & Drink

130 NE 40th St., Miami, FL

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