Sneak Review: Osteria del Teatro

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Lee Klein
The photo above is osso bucco over risotto Milanese from Osteria del Teatro, which not only leads us to the following snippet from next week's Cafe review, but likewise provides the answer to our What It? Where It At? post earlier in the week:
Osteria also serves to remind us of those aspects of dining that we do miss, like being able to enjoy a meal without the strobe of flat screen television screens and din of club music thrashing overhead (the acoustics, however, are loud). And being served by an experienced, professional wait staff who have been with the restaurant for a long time; they know all the regulars by name, and treat first-timers as though they were regulars too. That's another throwback: Osteria's success relies upon its staff's relations with the public rather than on a public relations staff.
Osteria del Teatro
1443 Washington Ave., Miami Beach

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Osteria Del Teatro

1443 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, FL

Category: Restaurant

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