Time to Take "Best In Miami by New Times" Off Your Menu: 11th Street Diner

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John Zur
11th Street Diner
Last week, in my analysis of the sad state of Miami's diner scene, I touched on the unpalatable fried chicken being served at 11th Street Diner. If they want to continue serving sub par Southern fried chicken, that's their prerogative, however it's about time they took the "Best in Miami by New Times" label off their menu just beneath the Southern fried chicken.

First off, fried chicken begins with the breading, which must be crispy and seasoned. Well, 11th Street's breading has a pliable consistency and is bland.

Next comes the meat, which was dry and also tasteless. Not only was the chicken bone dry, but each piece, including the breast, had too little flesh. Why not note where their chicken is sourced from and what steroids or other chemicals you might use.

11th Street Diner, I don't mean to be picking on you. Perhaps it's just time to update your menu.

11th Street Diner
1065 Washington Ave., Miami Beach

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Eleventh Street Diner

1065 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, FL

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Instead of picking on this diner, maybe you should look at your team and ask why the hell did you guys give them a "Best of" award in the first place. Maybe it should be a requirement that your team ACTUALLY go to the restaurants you guys award for your "Best Of Miami" every year.

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