Top 10 Football Gambling Foods

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Gambling is one of the greatest highlights of football season. Got a dozen bets running every Sunday? Risk your car payment on whether a college quarterback would run or throw his first TD? Trying to decide between the line and the over? Log in to your bookie through your smartphone?

Here's how to eat your way to success.

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10. Steak On The State - When you've lost your ass on too many games in a row, there's no way you're putting any precious gambling money on food. But your body still has to consume enough protein for your brain to make good bets. Sign up for food stamps; they come on a debit card now, and you don't even have to be unemployed. Have your gambling buddies do the same, and voila, you've got an awesome barbecue every gameday.

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Brain food.
9. Wild Salmon - So all those lousy ingrates think you bought them that nice stuff with your winnings. Fact is, gambling is a skill, and it takes a lot of research: who's playing, who's injured, how'd they play last week, how's everyone else betting, and tons of other variables we're just not giving away for free. Point is, you gotta eat what's gonna help you win, and wild caught salmon is full of Omega-3's to keep your synapses firing full speed ahead.

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Go with your gut.
8. Frito Pie - So you took the spread, the line, the over, the under, three crazy parlays, four exotics, and about a dozen other bets on seven games one Sunday. Too bad you had to dump your food budget into your online betting account. Go to 7-Eleven, they have free cheese and chili, grab a bag of chips, rip it open and fill 'er up.

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7. Bahamian Conch Fritters - So, apparently betting on sports is illegal in the U.S. Thankfully we have the internet, and the wonderful islands of the Bahamas, just 50 miles off the Florida coast, where plenty of smart entrepreneurs have banks of servers to store the information about our degenerate wagers. Have you ever called freaking customer service when you can't log in? Sounds like you've got your ear in a seashell. Get to know your operator by tasting their culture.

6. Chocolate Candy Bars - Chocolate is a brain food that helps the gambling neurons fire faster. It's cheap, you don't have to cook it, it fits in your pocket, and it may come with other food groups like peanuts, nougat, and caramel. A sugar rush may also help balance your rage levels or amplify euphoria.

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