Cooking Channel Morphing Into Food Network 2 Quicker Than Expected

You didn't think Cooking Channel would stay Rachel Ray-less, did you?
When it started, we gave the Cooking Channel one year -- two year, tops -- before Scripps Network would decide it wasn't a big cash cow. Not because we don't relish the though of a high-end version from the Food Network, but because networks always dumb things down to attract a wider audience.

As you may recall, we described an entire day of Cooking Channel shows when it  debuted on Memorial Day. While there were a few gems, most of the shows seemed by be regurgitated from Food Network's Canadian channel.
Now the channel is starting to produce original programming. We wish they would have stuck to borrowing from others. How long until it's rebranded as Food Network 2 -- or FN2?

Here is what we are talking about:

Rachel Ray Gets a Second Show

Seriously? This woman is the laughing stock of the food world. Not to be entirely snobby, but if your target demographic is more advanced cooks and foodies, she isn't the person to hire. In her new show, Rachel Ray's Week in a Day, follows the same premise as 30-Minute Meals. It offers time-saving cooking tips for busy people. Really!? People who are passionate about food always make time for it.

Gimmicky Host

Nothing makes us cringe more than a host who takes on catchphrases or employs over-the-top characters that don't exist in real life. Just cook, dammit! If you can make a recipe engaging, then you don't need resort to such lame tactics. We have a feeling the channel's new series, Bitchin' Kitchen will be similarly lowbrow. Stereotypical "badass" cook in the kitchen makes for a fun show, right?


The Cooking Channel has already featured some crossing over from the Food Network -- and we aren't talking about just reruns of old Food Network shows. Cooking Channel hosted an "after party" show for the Next Food Network Star -- that's the same tactic MTV employs with The Hills. Unfortunately, nobody on Next Food Network Star is that interesting. We don't want to know  why they got kicked out.

Then there is Cook Like an Iron Chef. We find the title and premise very clumsy. How about just having Mike Symon cook and end it there? Honestly, we are just going to stick to watching reruns of Julia Child, Two Fat Ladies, and BBC programming.

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