Plunge Into a Pink Elephant at the Gansevoort Miami Beach

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It's Friday and Short Order sniffs out this weekend's top cocktail yet again. We popped into the Gansevoort Miami Beach Hotel this week and discovered the Pink Elephant -- a refreshing combination of fresh muddled strawberries, mint, and lime swished together with Grey Goose Pear Vodka and laced with a champagne floater.

Here're three delicious reasons to go to the Gansevoort and have a Pink Elephant:

1) For every Pink Elephant you order, the Gansevoort will donate $1 to the Breast Cancer Network of Strength South Florida for breast cancer research.

2) It's only available at the Gansevoort. According to Marketing Director Tiffany D'Aurizio, "The signature drink has a top-secret recipe; we prefer not to give it out." So full disclosure about the libation's mix was a no-no.

3) One word, Plunge...Get the bikini and the board shorts on, grab the flip-flops and surround yourself with beautiful, SoBe bronzed, beach bodies.

Short Order's tip of the weekend:
Enjoy a Pink Elephant (or a few...) because it is absolutely delicious! But don't drink too many, you might wake up with a Pink Elephant in your room the next day, not just in your glass.

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The Perry South Beach - CLOSED

2377 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, FL

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