Head to El Rancho Grande for a Pop Rocks, Halloween-Inspired Tequila Shot

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El Rancho Grande has managed to combine two things we love dearly; tequila and Pop Rocks. The candy that tingles your mouth and the alcohol that burns your esophagus have come together in perfect harmony with the "Pop Rocks On" shot. It is made of Hornitos Premium Tequila lined with sweet agave nectar and then topped with Pop Rocks. For those looking for a grown-up twist on a trick-or-treat gift, check out the take home recipe below.

Pop Rocks On

1.5 oz Hornitos Premium Tequila chilled
1 tbsp agave nectar or honey
1 packet of Pop Rocks Candy

Use agave nectar or honey to line the rim of a shot glass by spooning one tbsp of agave or honey into a small plate or bowl. Take the shot glass and roll the rim around in the agave until it's nicely coated. Empty the packet of Pop Rocks Candy onto a separate small plate or bowl and dip the agave-lined shot glass into the Pop Rocks to coat the rim (thickness at your discretion). Pour Hornitos Premium Tequila into the Pop Rock-lined shot glass, shoot, and enjoy!

El Rancho Grande
314 72nd St., Miami Beach

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El Rancho Grande

314 72nd St., Miami Beach, FL

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