Miami Beach Restaurants Turn the Lights Out Wednesday

Courtesy of Ability Explosion
Next Wednesday, October 20, you can experience dining in the dark at several Miami Beach restaurants. Guests will don masks at Gotham Steak, BLT at the Betsy, Red the Steakhouse, Joe's Stone Crab, Smith & Wollensky, Quattro, and 660 at the Angler's Resort.

Escopazzo, OLA at the Sanctuary Hotel, Indomania, Catch 10, and the National Hotel will darken their dining rooms.  

The dining-in-the-dark trend lets guests experience food more fully through their other senses. Lights Out Miami Beach is also part of the weeklong Ability Explosion event, which is designed to increase awareness about disability. "The interesting thing is that this has been done at different restaurants around the world, but it's never been done on this scale in one city in one night," says event promoter David New.

Restaurants will serve prix fixe meals; meal styles vary by restaurant. Indomania is leaving everyone in the dark about its menu until that evening, but rijstaffel would make for some interesting eating in the dark. Full menus, prices, and seating times are available at Lights Out Miami Beach.

At 660 at the Angler's, $42.50 buys a welcome drink; fried pickles and okra; a choice of spare ribs with Dr. Pepper sauce, fried bayou shrimp, or a baby bucket of Southern-style fried chicken with buttermilk dipping sauce; three "fixin's"; and warm blueberry cobbler with vanilla ice cream.

At Joe's Stone Crab, $125 includes food, two glasses of soda/beer/wine, gratuity, and tax. Stone crabs in their purest form are not on the menu, which is disappointing, because that would have been an interesting dish to serve in the dark. I'm not sure whether eating stone crab would be easier (you eat stone crab with your hands anyway) or more difficult (trying to get the meat out of the claws, accidentally biting into claws). Joe will serve stone crab baked with artichokes and butter sauce along with a half salmon, a fried half free-range chicken, or Prime top sirloin.

A more adventurous repast can be found at OLA for $76 or $125 with wine pairings. The meal will begin with an amuse-bouche of raspberry granita with diced tuna and pink peppercorn. Price includes choice of appetizer (duck confit or corn empanada); entrée (crusted lamb loin with crispy blue potato and goat cheese soufflé or pan-seared halibut with parsnip purée, black trumpet mushroom chimi, and radish salad); and postres (semisweet chocolate mousse with toasted hazelnuts and chocolate/caramel sauce or baked Patagonia with berries and lavender salpicon).

Before the dinner, facilitators from LightHouse for the Blind will train dining staff on how to comfortably and safely accommodate visually impaired diners.

You can find out seating times and check out menus here.

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Luz Marina Rosenfeld
Luz Marina Rosenfeld

Very impress, never though about this great ideas, like eating with blind folds.

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