Miami's Vegan Pizza Options Are Limited

The coolest thing I heard this week is that Bill Clinton is now eating a mainly vegan diet. Not only that but he's doing it right -- vegan protein shakes in the morning and a eating well-balanced, colorful range of foods. You go, Bill, the whole vegan community is rooting for you.

The second best news I heard this week is that eco-pizza chain Pizza Fusion is going to be opening a new location in Miami Beach. In my Biscayne-biased opinion it should have been downtown but hey, close enough. As it is I currently pop up to its North Miami (Biscayne and 148th) location at least once a month to order a veggie'd up vegan pie. Their XL size is a giant oval large enough to feed you, a couple friends, and still have leftovers. Oh Pizza Fusion, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways: Multi-grain crusts, totally decent soy cheese, roasted garlic and other yummy veggie toppings, serving delicious sugar-sweetened Boylan's sodas over HFCS-y Coca-Cola, eco-pride... Why can't the other pizza places be more like you?

Some get close, ordering the Portobello or Eggplant at Andiamo or any other pizza joint with dank toppings, sans formaggio, still makes for a tasty and satisfying dinner.

Freezer case from a vegan convenience store in Portland. A girl can dream.
In the take-home category, I used to get giddy over the Amy's "No Cheese" pizzas that instead had a delectable layer of caramelized onion spread with artichoke and red peppers, but sadly all my local Publixes have stopped carrying them. The Whole Foods on South Beach is still carrying it, but I find it odd because I know a lot of people (non-vegans included) that enjoyed them and they were always in short supply. You'd think that at least with all the lactose-intolerants around they'd have one lil' cheese-less pizza option out of the 100+ options in their freezer case.

To fill that oh-so-gaping hole, may I humbly suggest the new Tofurky line of vegan pizzas made with the award-winning Daiya vegan cheese? They look incredible but I've yet to find them available locally, and am adverse to paying the rush shipping and cold-packing to have one arrive still likely lukewarm at my South Floridian doorstep. They have a plain cheese, the "first ever vegan pepperoni pizza to hit the freezer case," and a sausage pie with roasted veggies. I'm absolutely Daiyin' to try one.

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Pizza Fusion - CLOSED

14815 Biscayne Blvd., North Miami, FL

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