Bigfoot Spotted At Norman's 180!

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Photo taken in Norman's 180 parking lot
​Kathy Fib, spokesperson for Norman's 180, today claimed that Bigfoot has been seen not just once, but "numerous times" at the Coral Gables restaurant. "He's sort of a semi-regular," said Fib. "He really enjoys the duck meatballs."

When it was pointed out that nobody except the owners of Norman's have seen Bigfoot, Fib explained that "He usually grabs a table in the corner of the room; he doesn't like a lot of attention." Yet when pressed on the issue, Ms. Fib admitted that he hadn't been in for some time. "He apparently grew tired of the Gables rather quickly. Said he wanted to kick back in the Keys for awhile, but would definitely be back at Norman's 180 by the end of the month."

Location Info

Norman's 180 - CLOSED

180 Aragon Ave., Coral Gables, FL

Category: Restaurant

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