Green Table Artisan Kitchen & Bistro Coming; Whisk Gourmet Moving

The future home of Green Table
Green Table Artisan Kitchen & Bistro hasn't opened yet, but from what we can tell, owner Monica Rios is serious about regionally sourced, artisanal food.

Rios arrived in Miami eight years ago from Venezuela and she quickly started transitioning from accounting to cooking. She attended culinary school and worked at restaurants like Cacao and Fratelli Lyon before opening her own catering company: Moca Flavors.

"I love the organic movement, then that became local and right now it's farm to table, green table - that's my evolution," said Rios. "We're really looking forward to [opening]."

Everything at Green Table will be prepared in house and a majority of ingredients will be sourced from small farms in south and central Florida, according to Rios. It will be open for lunch and have take-out gourmet foods for dinner at home. While the menu isn't final, you can expect a good selection of raw, vegan and vegetarian options. That's good news in a city with a dearth of options for non-meat eaters.

The small bistro is expected to open in January where Whisk Gourmet currently operates. Whisk will be moving to a larger space in South Miami after Thanksgiving, and according to co-owner Brendan Connor, they expect to be fully operational by mid-December. At it's new digs, the restaurant will accommodate 74 and will be open for dinner.

Green Table (opening 2011)
4702 S Le Jeune Road, Coral Gables

Whisk Gourmet (starting mid-December)
7382 SW 56th Avenue, South Miami

Location Info

Whisk Gourmet Food & Catering

7382 SW 56th Ave., South Miami, FL

Category: Restaurant

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