Art Basel Food Tattoos, Painting and Sculpture!

Categories: Food Art
Last night's meanderings around the Design District/Wynwood area made us hungry for some good art. Thankfully we got our fill.

Photo by Riki Altman
Now here's some art us Short Order folks can really appreciate...
Photo by Riki Altman
Graffiti artist Logan Hicks explains, "Now I can have bacon and eggs anytime I want." Hicks, who we found outside of Retna's Silver Lining show, also has a cup of coffee tattooed near his shoulder. Complete breakfast.
Photo by Riki Altman
We couldn't quite make sense of this Klondike bar birthing a golden spud, but maybe the folks at Spinello Gallery can.
Photo by Riki Altman
Sometimes art is simple to understand. Candy wrapped, candy unwrapped. This pair of little cuties is at Spinello, too.
Photo by Riki Altman
Hungry? How 'bout some buttered corn, fried chicken, and frenchies covered in ketchup? Dive into this photo at OHWOW's It Ain't Fair exhibition...
Photo by Riki Altman
...or partake in the whole smorgasbord.

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