Breakfast Basel-Style at Jennifer Rubell's "Just Right" Food Installation

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Paula Niño
My bowl of "Just Right" porridge
In today's Scene Eating, Trina Sargalski talks to Jennifer Rubell about her "Just Right" exhibit for Art Basel. Short Order was there this morning to get some warm breakfast.

After walking through the Rubell Collection building and into its courtyard, I entered the rabbit hole that would lead me to breakfast. Rubell has said her exhibit was loosely based on Goldilocks but that hole made me think of Alice in Wonderland.

First there was a small, decrepit house. Each room included an installation of one of the components of my breakfast. I was first greeted by stacks of small, white bowls, then came thousands of spoons. Next, in a third room, were rows of crock pots filled with porridge. It was like a buffet of art installations. The next two compartments housed brown sugar packets and raisin boxes. And at the last stop, two refrigerators held cartons of organic milk. I skipped the milk and my porridge was just right.

The grand opening for Just Right takes place Thursday, December 2 from 9 a.m. at the Rubell Family Collection. The free event will run from 9 a.m. to noon through Sunday, December 5.

Here are some pictures.

Paula Niño
This way to breakfast
Paula Niño
Paula Niño
Grab a bowl ...
Paula Niño
... and a spoon.
Paula Niño
Now for the oatmeal

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Rubell Family Collection

95 NW 29th St., Miami, FL

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