New South Miami Farmers Market's Locavore Bounty in Photos

Trina Sargalski
Last Saturday was the first day of the new South Miami Farmers Market. Last Friday, I wrote a post about the market's mission of sourcing local produce, cheese, meat, eggs, and value-added products (jams, salsas, and other prepared foods) from local farms, community gardens, home gardeners, and from around Florida. Read the post here.

Unfortunately, the purveyor who was supposed to bring the grass-fed beef canceled at the last minute due to an illness in his family, but one of the market coordinators, Mario Yanez, expects him to make the trip from Ocala in the coming weeks.

The market will run Saturdays year-round, from 9 am to 2 pm at South Miami City Hall (6130 Sunset Drive).

Photos of the locavore bounty, including an all local farm stand, next page...

Trina Sargalski
That large tent is what organizers christened the farm stand. It's where Community FoodWorks and other vendors will sell produce from around South Florida, including stuff from local gardens or from farmers unable to attend.
Trina Sargalski
Guacamole House tent
Trina Sargalski
Croissants from L'Atelier Bakery in Kendall

Trina Sargalski
Fireman's Derek's mini pies

Trina Sargalski
Chicha on sale at the Guacamole House tent
Trina Sargalski
Crackerman tent
Trina Sargalski
Muriel Olivares of Little River Market Garden with some of her produce
Trina Sargalski
Elke Zabinski of Seriously Organic with some of their foraged produce

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South Miami City Hall

6130 Sunset Drive, South Miami, FL

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